The Dead Air Group is the 21 century group name of the profound Dilligas group, of the 1980's 1990's.

Dead Air was given to the group by the Dinosaur AMer's (that typically try to operate near SSB Stations) in the early days of the 75 meter expansion of 2006.   Most Amateur Radio Operators reject the garbage generating junk they place on the air and are commented to keeping them up in the General weeny class portion of the 75 meter band .

Dead Air is thought to refer (by them AM'ers) to a SSB transmissions that doesn't last for 15 minutes consisting of mindless rambling and mumbling of half baked memories of the days " when I built all this shit" we think !!  

The Hobby would have been much better off if AM had been Eradicated for ever and CW remained a license requirement;   Of course, that would not have ensured the ARRL and major equipment companies continuance making money hand over fist. With all the good the ARRL has done for Amateur Radio, in one stroke of the key, they did great damage to our beloved hobby; shame on them.  K5UY